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CRUX LA VILLE At the request of our clientMister Logan Cabretta, PINSO BENELUX developed and its external partners, this new concept. The customers demand was clear. Fresh, healthy and unique. For Italian products this already existed, For Asian cuisine you could only find the traditional “showbaking”. This is a concept where the cook prepares the food in front off the customer and this at the table or through an open kitchen what allows the customers watching the cook while he is prepairing the food.

Customers have the opportunity to follow the cooking. In the shop they are preparing Chinese breads like Hua Chuan, Koya Koya and various types of Dim Sum.  The customer can also decide to eat in the restaurant or to buy the fresh food at  the “Take away”. When the customer started with this concept, he had no experience in the catering business. With the help of our cook Zuko Baijiaxing, we could launch this new FASTFOOD CONCEPT in a successful way.  We can develop FASTFOOD CONCEPTS for every business.



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