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Pinso BENELUX is a Belgian company oriented on the Benelux and French market. A regional market with global players is asking for customization within your company. Through a strong collaboration with our external specialized partners we will help you to achieve your goals.

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product placement

And then you have found it, the best idea "ever". Could this be sufficient helping you building on a successful future for your company ? Coming up with the most perfect product does not always gives you this guarantee. A lot is depending on how you will launch your new product, the region you will choose or even when you will launch your new product or service. All of those can be crucial to the success that you can achieve. Pinso can help you to make the best choice, so that your best idea becomes a GOLDEN idea.


In a competitive environment it is important that you stay focused. Or as Mister Ben Polman ever mentioned "a good seller start working before his competitors at work and only stops working when others are sleeping for quite some time." Unfortunately is being active not enough to become success full in sales. Sales strategy, sales techniques and motivation combined with the right product, can helps the sales department to grow. Pinso believes more in a personal training (buddy-sales) for your seller than in a general sales training what is more usual. During our training (buddy sales) we train your sales peoples selling "their" own product what improves their level of motivation and helps them to feel more comfortable in their company with its products so that they become better sellers for your products. Helping them finding appropriate arguments, improve their ability to make accurate market analysis, all of this will help them to sell even more than before. A professional training will help them to become a better professional seller during longer term on a longer period and with a higher turnover and profitable margin.


Did you know that the success of a company not only depends on your external employees ? Selling and delivering your orders are all issues asking a lot of administrative actions. Even though you have the best product and the best sellers, your administrative staff will need to ensure that your customers are coming back for a next sale after receiving the first order. After the sale of your product every detail becomes important. The promises as formulated earlier by your seller must now be carefully fulfilled. And if somebody makes a mistake, the administration or production needs to react in a proper and friendly way. Offering a solution acceptable to the customer is therefore very important. Communication, initiative, responsibility and the right actions provide a good rapport with your customers and a higher profitable margin after completion of the sales order.


Selling is one, producing is another. The success of a company depends on the quality and originality of its products, the services and the quality of your sellers. For this reason we can not forget the production department , a fine tuning of the production process, belongs to one of the priorities within a company. A new product, a reorganization or simply boost the quality of your end product. Pinso helps you to implement the required changes within the production.